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          Laboratory preparations for construction in 2000, 2002 has been recognized by the U.S. UL1054 WTDP, August 2007 China conformity assessment committee (CNAS) approval, 2009 g month WTDP approved UL61058 standard of American UL company, 2011 German Levin TUV switch industry in China's first WMT Certificate in September 2012 by the U.S. UL, China switch area industry first CTDP certificate.


          The existing laboratory electrical testing room and material testing room, there have all kinds of testing equipment more than 80 units, with 8 staff members, the detection capabilities of IEC61058-1, EN61058-1, UL1054, with UL61058-1, GB15092 1 standard (except EMC), but also has some ability to detect relay, temperature controller, Appliance couplers, circuit breaker for other products. Concrete can be carried out as follows: test temperature rise test, ball pressure test, glow wire test, tracking resistance test, salt spray test, high temperature test, temperature test, insulation test, mechanical strength test, push pull test, soldering test, durability test, damp test, lightning surge test, tired ring wave test dustproof, test, protection grade test project.
          • Temperature rise test

          • Glow wire, tracking and ROHS test

          • Test parameter adjustment

          • Contact performance test


          The laboratory participated in the ability to verify activities each year, participated in the ability to verify a number of seminars, and with a number of laboratories to carry out laboratory activities. In addition, the laboratory also repeatedly sent to attend the UL, KEMA, KTL, CAC, 2 institutions such as seminars, and the mechanism of AC test experience, improve the test level.

          • UL switches and appliance control chief engineer McDonald's visit to the laboratory

          • VDE Andreas and Wu Zhongxuan, China District Technology Manager at the laboratory field test

          • FG31 Mr Department Manager Leberl VED access Lab

          • Rhine TUV Laboratory of the Hungarian laboratory accreditation Barkis, Mr.

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